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Among the many things people ask me, one of them is what are my hobbies. Well, aside from the occasional painting I accomplish, I would have to say that my work is my hobby. I love my work! How many people can truly say that?

I've been designing scenery for theatre since college, about 20 plus years by now. There have been a couple of detours, but it has always been my passion and it's that passion that I always return to. I may never be wealthy, I may never be famous, but I will always be doing what I want to do! Loving the work is what I'm about and doing the best possible job on any project I undertake!


"Nothing splendid has ever been acheived except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance" Bruce Barton


All photographs and represented designs are the expressed property of  J Branson, Designer.  Use without written permission is prohibited by federal and Illinois laws. Copyright declared 2016